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PROPOSED Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map 2-20-17

ADO memo to Board of Aldermen

Andrews A Table of Contents

Andrews Article 1 – Purpose and Authority

Andrews Article 2 – General Provisions

Andrews Article 3 – Definitions, Abbreviations, & Symbols

Andrews Article 4 – Boards and Committees

Andrews Article 5 – Amendments

Andrews Article 6 – Variances and Administrative Appeals

Andrews Article 7 – Permits and Procedures

Andrews Article 8 – Zoning Districts

Andrews Article 9 – Bldg and Lot Type Std

Andrews Article 10 – Uses with Additional Standards and Conditional Uses

Andrews Article 11 – Landscape Standards

Andrews Article 12 – Parking Loading

Andrews Article 13 – Streets

Andrews Article 14 – Flexible Standards

Andrews Article 15 – Special Events & Temporary Structures

Andrews Article 16 – Subdivisions

Andrews Article 17 – Sign Regulations


Andrews Article 18 – Flood Damage Prevention

Andrews Article 19 – Watershed Protection (RESERVED)

Andrews Article 20 – Soil Erosion & Sediment Control

Andrews Article 21 – Open Space

Andrews Article 22 – Nonconformities

Andrews Article 23 – Administration and Enforcement

Andrews Listed Uses Table 8.1 – Section 1

Andrews Listed Uses Table 8.1 – Section 2

Andrews Listed Uses Table 8.1 – Section 3

Andrews Permit Fee Schedule

Andrews Technical Standards & Specifications

Andrews UDO Article Contents

Andrews Utility Allocation and Extention Policy


Zoning Compliance Permit 2017

Zoning Ordinance, Section 1009, prohibits the use of travel trailers or recreational vehicles as a single-family residence or in conjunction with a primary residence on an individual lot. This means that anyone currently using a travel trailer or recreational vehicle as a residence is in violation of the current zoning laws.

Any person currently using a travel trailer or recreational vehicle as a residence which is not located in a mobile home park is in violation of Town of Andrews Zoning regulations. Citations will be issued to all persons found to be in violation of this Ordinance.

Andrews Zoning Ordinance
Game Room Ordinance
Adult Establishment Ordinance

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